Women's TAP Fund 2018 Midterm Election Endorsements

We have supported over two hundred candidates since our founding, and we are proud of the strides our community has taken to embrace inclusion. Here are our endorsements for the NY 2018 Midterms. Go out and vote!

  • Lt. Governor:  Kathy Hochul, [D]

  • 60th District:  State Senator   Carima C. El Behairy, [D] 

  • 61st District:  State Senator   Joan Elizabeth Seaman, [D]

  • 141st District: Member of Assembly, Crystal D. Peoples, [D]

  • 143rd District: Member of Assembly, Monica Piga Wallace, [D]

  • 146th District;  Member of Assembly, Karen M. McMahon, [D]

  • Erie County Judge - Vote for One:  Sue Maxwell Barnes, [D, R, C, G, I,H] ; Debra L. Givens, [W, WEP], 11E, 11G

  • Erie County Family Court Judge:  Lisa B. Rodwin, all lines

  • Erie County Clerk:  Angela J. Marinucci, [D, W, WEP] 

  • Lancaster Town Justice:  Jessica A. Kulpit, [D, G, I, WEP, REF]

  • Lockport City Mayor:  Michelle M. Roman, [D]

Nikki Hitchcock