Crystal Peoples-Stokes Celebrates Women's TAP Fund's 25th Anniversary

New York State Assembly member Crystal Peoples-Stokes joined us in celebrating the Women’s TAP Fund 25th Anniversary by presenting a Citation at the event. Crystal Peoples-Stokes is an outspoken advocate for women and minorities. The Women’s TAP Fund is proud have supported all of the assembly member’s candidacies.

(The original Citation can be found after the text).

New York State Assembly
Celebrating Women’s TAP Fund 25th Anniversary

A Great State is as great as those individuals and organizations that perform exemplary service on behalf of their community; it is the custom of this Great State to pay tribute to that outstanding service, whether rendered through personal achievement or simply through good citizenship.

Whereas, Today we celebrate The Women’s TAP (Taking Action in Politics) Fund 25th Anniversary; and

Whereas, The Women’s TAP Fund was founded in 1992 to encourage women to run for political office; and

Whereas, The Women’s TAP Fund’s mission is to increase the number of qualified, committed, Pro-Choice women elected to public office at the local and state level; and

Whereas, The Women’s TAP Fund is a non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that seeks to positively impact policies that affect women’s lives in a geographic region that has low representation of women elected to government; and

Whereas, The Women’s TAP Fund is comprised of hundreds of politically interested individuals who live in Erie and Niagara Counties; and

Whereas, TAP has endorsed and funded more than 100 winners including 27 judges, Eric County Legislators, Erie County Clerk, New York State Assembly Members and other candidates since 1993; and

Whereas, The Women’s TAP Fund’s 25th Anniversary will be the celebration of the progress of embracing inclusion in supporting women candidates; and

Whereas, We congratulate the Women’s TAP Fund for their support, dedication, and the incredible hard work they have performed for the City of Buffalo and surrounding areas.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, That I, Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, New York State Assembly Member, do hereby join with the citizens of the State of New York, and City of Buffalo, members and supporters to urge all citizens to share in celebrating the Women’s TAP Fund’s 25th Anniversary, and to take the opportunity to honor and thank them for its wonderful work.

Date: October 4, 2018
Honorable Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes
New York State Assembly
141st District

Margaret Davison