Since 1993 TAP has given over $500,000 to qualified candidates in 204 local races.

Join us as we change the face of Politics of Western New York.

Become a Major donor by pledging a yearly minimum pledge of $1000 Or by giving a minimum of $500 annually to the Women’s TAP Fund and “bundle” the other $500 portion of your pledge directly to the TAP endorsed candidate or candidates you choose.

YMD program for under 40 years olds; Pledge $500 to TAP or give a minimum of $250 annually to TAP and $250 by bundling directly to TAP endorsed candidates

Major Donor Information

Major Donor Pledge

Contributions to the Women’s TAP Fund are not Tax deductible

Contact Information
Women's TAP Fund
PO Box 54
Buffalo, NY 14201-0054

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Barbara Johnson-Lee, Candidate for Buffalo City Court with Major Donors, Margaret Toohey and Marjorie Girth.