We are making a difference 

As a result of Operation Rescue in the spring of 1992, a small group of women decided that a political action committee was needed to elect qualified pro-choice women to public office in Western New York.  The decision was also made to be non-partisan.

By mid-November 1992, our by laws were written and filed.  We decided that we would focus our attention on Erie and Niagara counties only, allowing us to fund candidates for local and state wide elections.  

The TAP Fund was launched at a reception for Geraldine Ferraro,the first female major party vice presidential candidate to a room filled with involved, excited and energized women.

To date, we have funded 240 races for women seeking elective office from school board elections to NYS Supreme Court races; 119 attained their goal.  The TAP Fund has given over a half a million dollars to our candidates including funds bundled directly to TAP candidates.

Steering Committee

Jane Griffin, President                         Karen Kaczmarski   
Dianne Bennett                                      Linda Nenni
Ruth Bryant                                            Wendy Pierce
Susan Clements                                     Heidi Raphael
Peggy Davison                                        Jackie Rushton
Alison Fleischmann                              Barbara Schifeling 
Margot Glick                                           Nancy Tobin

Martha Hyde                                          Tara Vogel

Anne E. Joynt                                         Janet Wisbaum

                                                                  Myrna Young


Steering Committee members Back, left to right Tara Vogel, Jackie Rushton, Ruth Bryant, Alison Fleischmann, Jane Griffin. Front, Nancy Tobin, Linda Nenni, Barbara Schifeling, Peggy Davison.

About Us

About Us